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Machine House

We specialise in building industrial machinery for all types of industry, as well as supplying factories and wholesalers with high-quality three-phase motors, gearboxes and other components.
We design and build machines for companies in the light and heavy industries throughout Europe.

We build machinery for the following sectors:

food – machines for cleaning and sorting fruit and vegetables, for thermal processing or packaging

mining – equipment for removal of contaminants in the process of refining natural and crushed aggregates

printing – equipment for making prints, cutting and punching machines, trimming tools, welding machines, etc.

synthetic materials – injection moulds, punching and slotting machines

woodworking – thicknessers, routers, tongue and groove cutters, floorboard cutting, sanding and tanning machines

metal working – welding, bending and cutting machines

as well as we offer rotary baskets for telehandlers, adjustable telescopic handlers for loading and transportation work.

Our team of experienced engineers is able to design almost any machine for any industry, as well as design and build the entire production line for a newly established or expanding company.

We also manufacture machines on the basis of provided designs. Our unquestionable advantage is the fact that we offer only finished products of the highest quality, while maintaining very competitive prices.

If you are considering building a new production line or modernising your current one and are looking for a reliable machine supplier, write to us – we will surely come to an agreement. If you just need a new motor, gearbox or other components for your machines, we also have them in our offer. Write us what you need and we will take care of it, because we also cooperate with conventional and CNC tool shops and we are able to make every detail.

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Region: Central Europe, Poland
Address: Lyzwiarska 74/1
City/Town: Lodz
Post Code: 94-124

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