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Reclaimed wood wholesale services: cladding, flooring, tabletops etc. Working mainly with oak, pine, spruce and alder.
We are in the business of collecting and delivering recycled wood. We offer both raw and processed wood in the form of boards, beams, sheets and panels. Our wood is delivered both in bulk (delivery by truck) or in smaller quantities (vans, about 100-150 square meters capacity). Offer includes mainly pine, but also oak, spruce, poplar, alder, elm and other types of wood in smaller quantities.

Reclaimed wood offered by us is prepared for assembly, i.e. boards with tongue and groove or straight side, dried wood, protected against worms and fire resistant. We approach each order individually and prepare goods according to the order. We obtain wood mainly from Poland, but thanks to the constant development of the company and the extension of our offer we can also deal with the acquisition of more exotic types of wood.

We will establish cooperation with craftsmen and joiners, but also with wholesalers and large producers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We carry out the following processes:

cutting to the agreed length and width
drying (kiln dry ~10%)
brushing to achieve the desired effect
protection against worms and insects
tongue and groove or straight edge
planning for the right thickness
parallel cut
non-radioactivity confirmation
preparing custom made furniture and items

  • reclaimed wood
  • old wood
  • vieux bois
  • altholz
  • architecture
  • interior design


Region: Central Europe, Poland
Address: Warszawska 23
City/Town: Wisznice
Post Code: 21-580

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