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Maintenance in production plants

Maintenance in production plants

From the very beginning, maintenance has been one of the most important parts of our business. It is worth emphasising that our focus is always on the maximum return on investment for our customers.

In the course of time, in order to meet your needs, we have created the MBM Warehouse, whose task is to manage stock (in the form of gears, motors, variators, inverters, etc.) and maintain optimal stock for them. This solution is helpful not only in terms of competent customer service, but also in saving warehouse costs. This ensures a really high level of productivity.

With the creation of MBM Warehouse, we can offer a complete service in the area of Maintenance. All to improve profitability and satisfy our customers.

Since the inception of Machine House, we have strived to meet even the most demanding requirements. We are delighted to be gaining the trust of our clients. Amongst others, the following companies use or have used Machinehouse services

- Europe's largest manufacturer of construction materials
- one of the most important corporations dealing with paper cutting services
- Poland's largest furniture manufacturer
- Poland's largest food producer
- one of the most important chemical companies in Poland

If you have any questions about power transmission or if your newly purchased gearmotor has failed, don't hesitate to contact Machine House. Our specialists will provide you with professional assistance.

The Industrial Supplies department, the second of our most important divisions, focuses on supplying industrial plants with the resources they need for production. These are gearboxes - also untypical designs, geared motors, pulleys or toothed wheels, inverters, as well as specialised electric motors.

We have a wide range of products distributed by us, our own MBM warehouse, whose task is to maintain the stock under the Customer's care, and a company shop.

We guarantee the best quality of our products, which we tailor to your needs, reliability and speed of delivery, and a full service! Machine House is a partner you can rely on, we invite you to a fruitful collaboration!

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