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Why reclaimed wood?

Why reclaimed wood?

The reuse of reclaimed wood has very many positive aspects. We will bring you up to date on the most interesting ones.

1. Floors, claddings, ceilings or furniture made of old wood look much nicer. If you want to give your rooms a rustic yet luxurious look, this is a good option for you.

2. The use of old wood is environmentally friendly. When using recycled wood, you don’t have to cut down fresh trees, nor use synthetic substitutes, the production of which pollutes the environment. In this way, by using old wood you take care of the environment, prevent cutting down trees and destruction of forest animal ecosystems.

3. Reclaimed wood is more durable. The old boards have already survived, working for several decades as part of the construction. It is a stable wood, much less vulnerable to weather conditions, temperature or humidity.

Of course, such wood should definitely not be installed in a new house as soon as it is recovered from some demolition. Wood needs to be dried, cleaned, sometimes protected from insects and fungus. Only after all the necessary processes have been completed does it achieve the desired, elegant appearance.

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