About Us

BB Hub is an internet platform aimed at entrepreneurs who see an opportunity for themselves in expanding their business into new markets in Europe. Due to the fact that currently organizing trade fairs and business meetings is very difficult and finding companies in a given industry through search engines is quite burdensome (which we know from our own experience) we decided to create this service.

The main task of the BB Hub is the simple and clear display of company profiles, so that anyone looking for new suppliers or customers can easily find and establish business contacts with those interested. In a simple way everyone can also present the services they offer or put up specific goods for sale. In the near future, there will also be a function to add goods to the transport market, in order to find the best transport offer.

Registration is completely free as well as the first year of PREMIUM account for new users. If you invite five friends who register and fill in their details (add their company to the directory), you will receive another year of PREMIUM for free.


By registering in our service you will get many benefits:


1. The possibility to add your company to a specific industry and region, so that potential customers can search for you.

2. Presentation of the offered products.

3. Possibility of writing thematic articles, which will be placed on our pages. Selected articles will appear on our homepage, as well as in social media, which will significantly affect the advertising reach of your company.


The very fact of being listed in a company directory, product listings and articles will have a real impact on your company's SEO. Strong backlinks and articles with the company name and details are very important nowadays.

The platform is currently in the "alpha" version, many features are still in production. Among other things, we plan to launch the following features:


5. Thematic groups, where entrepreneurs interested in a particular aspect will be able to discuss. The users of the platform will independently create and supervise such groups, so everyone will find something on the topic they are interested in.

6. Possibility to request transport services in order to find the best offer.

7. The ability to quickly contact users who are currently online to discuss any topics.

And many other interesting features.


If you see any benefit from your presence on our platform, register your account and fill in your profile. Even if your business is conducted in a specific, small area, a strong backlink is always an added value, especially when it costs nothing.

It may happen that your local business also gets noticed by a very good customer and even running a local sandwich bar or hairdresser's shop you will gain new regular customers. Besides, as we already mentioned, being on our platform doesn't cost anything. :)

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